What Are the Mistakes to Avoid When Golf Tournament

If the game field in golf, you encounter the error cause the blow of not good, what should you do?The most important thing is to be calm and find out you were wrong. Then, all what you need to do is concentrate to perform some good ball blow and regain confidence. The quickest way to get back the normal form is taken the fundamentals of golf. Should you take a repeated blow to swing to swing this mace steady. If you continue to make mistakes but not by the blow to swing, so can the cause came from the wrong preparation. The key factors deciding a success are: balance, rotation, direction and the surface sticks. The secret of this right error in the round was the simple. If too many thoughts, you will lose the focus to return to the normal level. even when making a broken, don’t rush to correct all. Remember that even the professional golfers are the bad in every round. So let’s apply the know-how fix this here only when you encounter mistakes or have 3-4 broken blow constantly.

1. Typographical Errors Are Not Far Away

– There are times, though trying hard but you can’t hit the ball away as normal. Most players tried to fight as quickly as possible to the start of the downswing. The result is that the upper part of their body to rotate faster than the lower part, this sabotaging lag – one of the main power source of the owls brandishing sticks. Moreover, this also creates guest direction from outside to inside comes with the face open rod-how much energy loss doubled.
– Incorrect downswing movement seems not important but causes loss of energy in many different styles. This explains why when the error, the more you try to hit the far, the results are often the opposite.
– To get blow away, you must create the latency during the downswing. The secret to creating the latency is to the lower fuselage section is where the previous motion. The first is to hold the left leg, then rotate your hips while trying to keep the upper body moves more slowly than the lower part. If difficult to implement in practice, imagine you are wearing the shirt and tried to keep the rows button movement the belt until done exposure call the ball.
– The create latency when performing blow allows you to create a powerful resource in the lower part of the body. From which this force acting on the body part and rolled to the sticks. If the hold button was in Austria to imagine moving slower than the lower part of the body, you have been revolving motion improvements. At the same time help the downswing has the most accurate way. Simple, just create a reasonable latency, you get the power from the lower part of the body and the accuracy of the hand.

2. Ball Error Slice

– Up to 80% of your wrong ball lines related to the surface sticks. Only 20% of the mistakes related to direction. So, first we focus on keeping the surface sticks perpendicular contact the ball instead to open 40 to 80. By to open the face of the stick is the cause leading to a single slice. Remember the outcome of a play the ball with the driver present open 60 sticks will result in the ball flies 30-60 yards.
– Bugfix: rotate the hand. Let’s practice face control sticks. Hand and your left wrist control sticks in hand when the hands, wrists and arms to control the path of the first, drawing sticks. 3 point circle in the left finger joints: little finger, ring finger painted red and blue drawing thumb like in the picture. If the exposed position at the ball, two red points in the joint of the ring finger and little finger left hand driven down there and score a articular in green on the left index finger towards the target (fairway, green) is true.

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