Tips On Playing Golf With Kids

Golf is one of the most ideal sports that you can play with your family members. It brings many benefits to your kids such as creating a quality time with you and your loved one as well as enhancing your children’s physical and emotional health.Playing in a golf field also brings a good chance for your family to experience the outdoor and keep out of smart phones and iPads.
Playing golf with kids is fun and beneficial. However, it requires both of your time and your patience to teach them how to play well in order for them to fully enjoy the sport as well as keeping them focus on the game.  There are several techniques and skills that could help you to tackle this problem.
Here are some tips on making the most of the sport with your kids:

1. Practice Makes Perfect

In order to play well, your kids and even you need to practice a lot. But kids are slower and their span of attention is quite short. Therefore, you should take them out in the late evening when it is not crowded. If your kids take longer time than usual to hit the ball, you don’t have to worry that there are a long queue behind you.
There are also some course fields which have specific time and area for children.

2. Sometimes Techniques Are Not Everything

We all want our children to play the sport beautifully and correctly. Learning the correct posture is important and so is fun. You can just let kid explore the game on their own way. Your reasonability is to follow them explaining and answering questions for them. There is no need for complex instructions or correction of any kind.
Remember that keeping your kids feel happy and encouraged is more important than anything else. Even if you know that their techniques or postures are not correct, anytime they do a shot or swing, compliment them. If you make the sport too serious, your kids can get bored easily and refuse to play

3. Provide Them the Right Equipment

When your kids use your equipment, chances that the clubs are too long and too heavy for them are pretty high, which make it super difficult for your children to even swing and hit the target.
Therefore, you should consider buying golf equipment that is made especially for your kids. You can take them to the store with you so they can try swinging the clubs to see if they fit.

4. Kneel Down When You Teach Them

This technique should be applied to any time you teach your kids, not just for golf. When teaching and guiding your kids, you need to kneel down to their level when your eyes meet their eyes.
Say simple words only. Golf has many technical words so simplify them for your kids to understand. Ask them if they understand what you just say or not before you continue.
Also be patient and try to avoid raising or lowering your voices. These are signals that you are losing patient and your kids can sense that, which make them feel nervous instantly.
Make sure you show them every single step you teach them. If it is hard to explain with simple words, just do the action so your child can see it clearly.

5. Reward Them Generously

Your kids will sure love all kinds of rewards and presents. You can present the idea of a reward and gift if your kids win something on the course field. This will make them be more competitive and focused on the game.
Here are some tips I think you should follow to make sure your kids have fun while playing game. It is important to know that in golf or in any other sport, it is important to be supportive to your kids. Always compliment them and encourage them. Reward them with reasonable gift if they win is also a good point to help your kids engage in the game. If you can follow all of these tips above, I am sure that you and your kids will have really good time playing golf together.

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