Kids can benefit from golf fitness too!

Young people who are active are likely to establish healthy habits that can last a lifetime. But how much exercise do kids really need?

Kids need at least an hour a day of physical activity to ensure good health, according to the findings by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Unfortunately, according to another study, the average American child gets less than 5 minutes of exercise a day. As childhood obesity climbs to record levels and school funds are cut, parents can no longer assume that school-based physical education programs are enough for their children to obtain the proper recommendations. Parents need to encourage their children to be active and to move their bodies as much as possible throughout the day.

Fortunately, golf can be an excellent source of physical activity. To help your young golfer stay fit and healthy for golf and for life, encourage them to incorporate golf-specific fitness into their daily routines to not only help them improve their golf games, but to help them get the recommended amount of daily exercise to keep them fit and healthy.

Benefits of Junior Golf Fitness

  • Kids who are active and participate in some sort of fitness program:
  • Have stronger muscles and bones,
  • Have a leaner body because exercise helps control body fat,
  • Are less likely to become overweight,
  • Decrease the risk of developing type 2 diabetes,
  • Can lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels,
  • And have a better outlook on life.

ENDURANCE: Incorporate aerobic activity such as running, biking, walking and jump roping to control body weight and improve stamina on and off the golf course.

STRENGTH: Strength exercises help build stronger bodies to help kids hit longer drives. Children and even young adults don’t need a formal weight-training program to become stronger. Doing push-ups, cartwheels, hanging on monkey bars and carrying a golf bag and buckets of practice balls are easy way for kids to build up their strength.

FLEXIBILITY: Teaching kids to stretch before and after physical activity will not only help them move their bodies better to swing the club more efficiently and smoother, but will also get them into the habit of doing it for the rest of their lives to prevent injury as they get older.

Here are some examples of golf-specific exercises for golfers of any age that are fun and easy to do :

Medicine Ball Toss

Helicopter Swing Motion Drill

Chipping and Pitching Contests to Develop Basics Skills

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