5 Most Commons Mistakes In Golf

Golf undoubtedly is the most interesting and likable sports. Still, it is very challenging and complicated which require a huge amount of skills and experience for golfers to play well. You may invest a huge amount of money on equipment and golf lessons. You also find yourself reading and searching for golf information on the Internet, such as reading about golf GPS reviews before purchasing your first set of equipment.

No matter how much time you spend on preparing, usually, golfers, especially amateur golfers still make many silly and obvious mistakes which they may not even know. The mistakes range from the moment when you make a comparison when choosing the clubs to when you start playing in the field. However, by knowing about these mistakes, golfers could avoid them to have a good and effective game on the field.

Here Are Some of the Most Common Mistakes You May Encounter

  1. Buying too much equipment that you do not use at all

For beginners, they often make a lot of mistakes when they go out to buy golf equipment. They may end up buying a lot and spending a lot of money on unnecessary equipment which do not suit their golf playing ability. In order to avoid the mistake, go shopping with long time playing golfer or ask for professional advice from experts at the shop. Research about different product and make comparison of them to ensure you will buy the most suitable one for you. Remember that expensive does not mean best for you and only buy certain pieces piece of equipment only.

  1. Twisting too much

This may be one of the most common mistakes you could see on the playing field. It is the result of a myth that the more the twisting behind is, the more distance golfers could be able to gain. This of course is not true. In order to gain a certain amount of distance, you need to perform a posture which allows you to have a fluid swing. A fluid swing, not a far back swing could give you a firm and solid touch on the ball. If you twist too much in the backswing, you may find yourself putting too much pressure to strike the ball precisely and effectively.

  1. Missing the putting line

When playing golf, before putting, golfers often draw an imaginary line between the ball and the hole. A good putting happens when golfer can draw an accurate imaginary line in his mind. A common mistake a golfer could make is drawing the line from the hole back to where the ball stands. However, golfers need to do the opposite way, which means imagining the way from the ball to the hole. Another tip for beginners is that accelerating when contacting the ball will make a straight shot as well as helping you gaining distance.

  1. Misunderstand about the swing

Make sure the grip position is correct and not too tight but at the same time not to soft. This is the first important step to ensure a good swing. A common mistake made here is that people pay less attention to the left hand making the grip from the left hand (if you are right-handed) not strong and firm enough. Do not put the stick too much in the left hand’s palm because it will hinder wrist movement. Put the club more in the fingers will make you feel more and enable you to have more powerful shots. 

Here are some common mistakes that beginners in golf usually make. Knowing about these mistakes could help amateur golfers to prevent them from happening in the future. Like any sport, making mistakes is unavoidable; therefore the key is that keep practicing and practicing, you will find yourself better at the game. Hope you will have enjoyable and fun time playing this very challenging game.

Dominic J.Leon : We realized that we can help other amateur golfers and golf enthusiasts too with these awesome tips and wanted to share this knowledge with we learned with everyone. That is the reason this website was born.

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