How Much Exercise is enough? SPORT HEALTH 

How Much Exercise is enough?

Regular exercise should be part of everyone’s routine. But how much you exercise depends on your fitness goals. Stephan does track in the spring, soccer in the fall, and tennis year-round. He also attends a teen fitness class three times a week where he does aerobics, circuit training, and running-not to mention swimming and the occasional touch football with friends. “Sports is my life,” he says. “I can never get enough.” Not Adam. The 15-year-old computer whiz gets all his exercise doing finger calisthenics on a keyboard. “I hate sports,”…

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Best Motorcycle Helmets to Keep Your Hands Free SPORT HEALTH 

Best Motorcycle Helmets to Keep Your Hands Free

It has been a long time ago since when motorcyclists had to stop their bike and pull out the phone to talk to their beloveds. Nowadays, with the invention of bluetooth and its integration with motor helmets, speaking on phone while on-road is no longer a dream from the future. Today, we will personally pick out some of the best motorcycle helmets with bluetooth in order to provide you with practical features and fair comparison among them. 1. O’Neal Racing Fastrack II Bluetooth Helmet   Talking about motorcycle accessories, it is…

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Useful Tips For Taking Good Care Of Your Road Bike SPORT HEALTH 

Useful Tips For Taking Good Care Of Your Road Bike

Getting a good road bike is no easy task. Since this is quite an investment (a couple of hundred dollars at least), all buyers wants to spend money wisely, hoping to get a bike that can serve them for many years. You can try this out for a highly-rated review of best road bike for beginners to help you made the right decision. But wait, even the best bike cannot last for long without proper care. It is hard to talk about all aspects of bike maintenance in one post…

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5 Most Commons Mistakes In Golf GOLF HEALTH 

5 Most Commons Mistakes In Golf

Golf undoubtedly is the most interesting and likeable sports. Still it is very challenging and complicated which require a huge amount of skills and experience for golfers to play well. You may invest a huge amount of money on equipment and golf lessons. You also find yourself reading and searching for golf information on the Internet, such as reading about golf gps reviews before purchasing your first set of equipment. No matter how much time you spend on preparing, usually, golfers, especially amateur golfers still make many silly and obvious mistakes…

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Some Good Psychological Tips While Playing Golf GOLF HEALTH 

Some Good Psychological Tips While Playing Golf

For the past life, people often known sport of golf as a game of aristocrats, or the elite. However, in recent years, this sport is more accessible to near normal people. Therefore, it is also becoming more popular. In today’s article, we’ll show you the tips to be a better golfer. Tip #1: How to Start the First Tee Box The first tee box can often make golfers stress, this will certainly influence to his swing. Tips to fix that is: make things slow down. Step slow, slow slow breathing,…

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